Beijing University of Chemical Technology Notice for international students returning to school

Author: Release date:2023-02-27

    According to the instructions of China Scholarship Council (CSC) on the entry and return overseas students to China, combined with the regulations on the administration of International students office of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) , the regulations on the entry and return of international students  to China are hereby notified as follows:

    1.All overseas students at present (including online study, retained qualification and suspension due to the epidemic) should return to school before Sept 10, 2023 (avoid returning to school during the summer vacation, from July 15 to Aug 30). Otherwise, the admission and scholarship qualification will not be reserved.

    2. According to the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Measures on CSC”, starting from the spring semester of 2023, the Chinese government scholarship qualification of suspended students will be retained for a maximum of one year. Otherwise, the admission and the scholarship qualification will be cancelled. 

The above notice applies to all international undergraduate students and postgraduate students (including scholarship students and non-scholarship students). Please arrange the time for visa application and entry date reasonably and hope to enter the school as soon as possible and start your normal university life.




Beijing University of Chemical Technology,

School of International Education

February 27,2023.