If you cannot come to study in the BUCT, joining our online Chinese courses is a good choice! Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, international students in the BUCT are mostly unable to continue their study as scheduled. The school thus decides to provide Chinese courses online so as to ensure that students from other countries can complete language learning on time.

  • BUCT Introduction

Established in 1958, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education in China. The Chinese International Education Center began to recruit both long-term and short-term international students in 1993. Up to now, it has enrolled over 5,000 students, including the politicians from the embassies of Canada, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea and Saudi Arabia, as well as their relatives. The students studying here come from 70-plus countries all over the world. With the rapid development of the BUCT, a multi-level talent training pattern has taken shape in this part of the world, covering language programs and degree programs (for undergraduate, master and doctoral students).

  • Course Introduction

BUCT offers Chinese learning coursefor Chinese learning to help international students develop various language skills in such aspects as comprehensive Chinese, speaking, listening, reading, writing and HSK courses etc.

  • Chinese LanguageCourse

Class Hours

Learning Time


Deadline for Registration

4 months/ 320 class hours

Mar. 10, 2022 - Jul. 10, 2022

RMB 8750 yuan

Dec. 30

4 months/ 320 class hours

Sept. 10, 2022 - Jan. 10, 2023

RMB 8750 yuan

June. 30

  • Advantages of Online Teaching

1.Strong teacher team and scientific teaching arrangement

2.Customized small-class courses and dedicated learning guidance

3.Flexible in when and where to take classes

4.Low learning cost and rich learning content

5.Practical certificate of completion and valid course credits

  • How to Teach

Teaching live online

By virtue of platform and Apps like zhumu and WeChat

  • How to Register

1.On line applications. http://study.buct.edu.cn.

2.Review the application materials by BUCT

3.Interview organized by BUCT

4.Pay the tuition fee

5.Acceptance letter from BUCT

  • Certificate of Completion

On the basis of the learning time and academic performance, the BUCT will issue a Certificate of Completion for the short-term Chinese study, as well as the Transcript. Cooperative college programs can provide proof of grades and credits.

  • Contact Information

Contacts: Ms. Zhang

Address: No.15, East Road of North 3rd Rind Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, ChinaPostal Code: 100029

Website: http: www.buct.edu.cnwww.sie.buct.edu.cn

E-mail address: faoffice@mail.buct.edu.cnzhangshuai@mail.buct.edu.cn

Telephone: 0086-010-64438791