1. What should applicants do if applicants apply for CSC scholarship?

There are two ways to apply for CSC Scholarship:

1) Apply through the Chinese Embassy/Consulate or Ministry of Education in your country (Recommended method of application)

Note: CSC applications typically begin in January every year but for more specific application dates please contact the respective institutions(Embassy or Ministry)

2.) Apply through BUCT (Postgraduate applicants only)

For applicant through BUCT , you must to submit the application to both following website:

BUCT online application systemhttp://study.buct.edu.cn

CSC application system https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/(BUCT Agency No. is 10010, Type B)

2. What is the most important for application?

Getting acceptance letter from supervisor of BUCT. Applicants could check supervisor information from BUCT website.

3. When will the admission result be informed?

Check your Email often, we will contact applicants via Email about interview meeting and  admission result notice.

4. Is it mandatory to send copies of application materials to BUCT?

No, we will contact with applicants if we need paper materials.

5. When do applicants require to pay application fee 500RMB?

All accepted applicants pay the application fee in the amount of 500 RMB upon their arrival for registration and enrollment.