Founded in 1958 and formerly known as Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is a national key university directly affiliated to Ministry of Education of China,one of the Project 211 universities and 985 Project Innovation Platforms. BUCT shoulders the mission of innovative talent education, scientific research, and high-tech development.

After 60 years of continuous efforts, BUCT has developed into a multi-disciplinary institute with a solid foundation in science and engineering, along with other distinctive disciplines such as Business Management, Economics, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Education, Medical Science and etc. It has formed a complete talent development system from the undergraduate level, the postgraduate level up to the postdoctoral level. In the ESI rankings, chemistry and material science have entered the top 1‰, the disciplines of material science, engineering, biology and biochemistry top 1%.The primary discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology ranked the third in China. The BUCT “Green Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materialsdiscipline group was listed as a First-Class Discipline in the Double First-Class Project in 2017.

BUCT has 14 colleges/schools, 51undergraduate subjects, 96master’s degree programs, 5 professional masters degree categories, 10 master’s degree programs in engineering fields, 7 primary discipline doctoral programs, 28 secondary discipline doctoral programs, 7Postdoctoral Mobile Stations.It has15,340 full-time undergraduate students,7,643 full-time postgraduate students, more than 2,600 faculty members and staff, including around 780 full professors and associate professors.

BUCT, with a global vision, has successively established academic collaboration with 165 universities from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania.BUCT is now running more than 86 study-abroad programs. BUCT also offers a wide range of education programs for international students including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs as well as Chinese language and culture programs, exchange programs and summer camps and etc.

In the 21st century, which is full of opportunities and challenges, BUCT will continue to hold fast the university motto to be ambitious, virtuous, profoundly learned, to explore the mysteries of nature,strive for better services for human beings and try its best to develop BUCT into a world class research institution with distinctive characteristics and international influence.

  • Enrollment Prospects

Full time students forDoctoral programs.

  • Scope and Duration of Scholarship

1.Students receive tuition and accommodation waivers.

2.Students receive a living stipend 3,500 RMB per month for doctoral students.

3.Students receive the coverage of Students Medical Insurance (800 RMB per person per year).

4.Only international students who are not currently studying in China are eligible for the scholarship.

5.Duration of scholarship aligns with the study time of the target disciplinary program.

  • Qualifications of Applicants

1.Applicants must be citizens of nations other than China and in good health condition.

2.Age Requirements:Applicants should hold a master degree and be not older than 40.

3.Applicants should provide excellent grade reports.

4.Applicants should show excellent ability in conducting research,have published papers with +1st author.

5.Applicants should not hold any scholarship of other categories.

  • Application Instructions

Applicants should register and submit the application to both following website:

BUCT online application system (Deadline 15th April)

CSC application system

(BUCT Agency No. is 10010, Type B, Deadline 15th April),and upload all document as follows:

1.Two letters of reference;

2.Study and research plan;

3.Original Transcript and Diploma of the highest Degree (Notarized from home country);

4.Passport size photos, passport copy;

5.Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

6.Acceptance letter from one supervisor, upload acceptance letter on the “other option”.

7.No Criminal Record Certificate;

8.English proficiency certificates (if any);

9.Originals or copies of academic publication, patent, and other academic achievements.


1.Applicants requires a preliminary acceptance letter from a BUCT professor and upload it online. Or else you will not be considered as candidate.

Participating Professors information can be found at the

2.It is not mandatory to send copies of application materials to BUCT.

  • Admission Process

1.Document review;

2.Online interview;

3.Admission announcement;

4.Send the admission Letter and JW202 form by DHL.

NoteApplicants require to check email often, interview meeting and admission result notice will be informed via email. Interview meeting will be held before May, which is more earlier than CSC scholarship.

  • Programs for applicants - Doctor’s  Program  (4 years)

  • Contact

Office of International Students, School of International Education, Beijing University Of Chemical Technology

Address: Office of International Students, School of International Education of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, 15 Beisanhuan Dong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing,100029

Email: Telephone: 0086-10-64452461

Website: English version