Representative of Ministry of Industry of Sri Lanka Visited School of International Education,BUCT

Author: Release date:2023-05-30

         On May 18, Consultant INDHRA KAUSHAL RAJAPAKSA, the representative of Ministry of Industry of Sri Lanka and Manager Liang Jinlan, Beijing Deman Consultant Co., Ltd. visited the School of International Education, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT). Li Qifang, Chair of the School of International Education, Wu Weidong, Professor of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhao Jianya, Director of the International Students Office and relevant personnel warmly welcomed the INDHRA team and attended the exchange meeting.

         Firstly, Chair Li Qifang warmly welcomed the visit of INDHRA team and briefly introduced the BUCT, with a focus on the advantageous disciplines and international student cooperation programs of BUCT. Next, INDHRA KAUSHAL RAJAPAKSA introduced the key business of Plastics & Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka and looked forward to future cooperation with BUCT in talent joint training programs. Manager Liang Jinlan introduced the cooperation  and background between Sri Lanka's rubber industry and China.

     Subsequently, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on several areas including Summer professional training programs, undergraduate 2+2 programs, graduate student cooperation programs, scholarship programs, and reached cooperation intentions in various aspects.

        Sri Lanka was one of the first countries to welcome and join the “the Belt and Road” initiative. Strengthening cooperation with the “the Belt and Road” countries in the field of education is a positive measure to serve the diplomacy of major countries and improve the international influence of China’s education. Actively exploring new models and directions for international student program cooperation with Sri Lanka is conducive to expanding the attraction and cultivation of more high-level international talents, and promoting cultural and educational exchanges and development between China and Sri Lanka.