Commencement Ceremony for 2023 International Graduates

Author: Release date:2023-06-30

On the morning of June 27, the Commencement Ceremony for 2023 international graduates was held in the Lecture Hall on the second floor of the Conference Center on the East Campus. Present at the event were Li Qifang, Chair of the School of International Education, Chen Chang on behalf of supervisors, international student management staff, and all international students in the university. The event was presided over by Yu Yue.

The event opened with a video capturing the lovely moments on campus. Professor Li delivered a speech to send his best wishes to the graduates who had successfully completed their studies, and encourage these international students to apply their knowledge to practice, persist in innovation, use what they had learned at BUCT to serve their home countries and act as the ambassador of friendship and bridge of cooperation by sharing their experiences in China with their families and friends and telling China’s storieswell.

Li Qifang speaking at the Ceremony

All the international student speakers spoke Chinese fluently and their speeches were full of sincerity. MAMMETGULYYEVA, SELBI, an undergraduate student from Turkmenistan, recalled the little moments in BUCT and expressed his thanks towards the university, faculty and student volunteers; NKOUNKOU MAPELA MARVIN FERIEL, a master graduate from the Republic of Congo reflected on how he gained a deeper understanding of his research field from his studies at the university and revealed his plan to pursue his doctoral degree and achieve academic excellence here at BUCT; KHAN SHAHIN SHAH, a PhD graduate from the School of Life Sciences, expressed his gratitude to the university, his tutors, classmates and teachers and his sadness to bid farewell, hoping to have the opportunity to continue his work and expand his research in China for a more advanced and sustainable future.   

Student speaker on behalf of the Undergraduate

Student speaker on behalf of the master graduate

Student speaker on behalf of PhD graduates

On behalf of BUCT faculty, Professor Chen Chang professed his admiration for international students pursuing their dreams of scientific research far away from home and encouraged them to stay down-to-earth, work hard and never give up on their dreams.

Chen Chang speaking at the Ceremony

AHMAD HUSSAIN, a freshman in BUCT, expressed his best wishes to the graduates and said that he would work harder to learn the Chinese language and Chinese culture so that he could give speeches in fluent Chinese in the future.  

Student speaker on behalf of current students

In the spring semester of 2023, a total of 36 international students completed their studies and graduated from BUCT. Some of these students chose to continue their studies in the university and the others would return to their home countries. We hereby extend our best wishes to all international graduates and hope that they keep learning, stay innovative and contribute to promoting people-to-people exchanges and building a human community with a shared future

Group photo of all participants

The 2023 international graduates taking a group photo with the teachers of the School of International Education

Written by Yu Yue

Photography by He Xinyu

Reviewed by Li Qifang